Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ya Gotta Dig A Little Deeper!


Hows it goin, y,all???  Doin’ good?  Stayin’ classy?  I know you is.  Keep up the good work. 
This week was SUPER fast once again!  We lost Wednesday at Zone Conference and we lost more than half of Friday and Saturday doing Baptismal Interviews in other areas.  Blessing?  For sure!!!!  Tiring?  Even more for sure!!!!
I feel like I have such little time to work these days.  I keep hearing about friends getting home from their Missions and stuff and I hit a year and six months on Saturday soooooooo . . . Well it just kinda makes me nervous.  Time passes so dang quickly.  I feel like I can’t stay on my feet completely we have so much to do.  Our Ward is progressing, everyone is becoming stronger it seems like.  Our Zone is progressing, taking difficult situations and learning and Baptizing more every time.  It’s awesome but dang!!!  Real Growth is exhausting!!!  There is so much to do . . . The Kingdom of God is growing so quickly . . . I feel like I can’t keep up with the growth completely!!!  I don’t know how Bishops and Stake Presidents and other leaders do it . . .
I just feel like time is running out for me.  I know I still have a while but every week passes in the blink of an eye and before I know it I am in front of the computer writing another letter to you all . . . LOTS TO DO!!!!
The Lord is blessing us a LOT with our little time we have to work.  We met a woman named Jane last Sunday that went to church yesterday and LOVED it.  She is one of those super Elect that the Lord is talkin’ about in the Scriptures.  She took her nephew to church as well and we are working with her Sister, Vania.  Not much is missin’ for her . . . Just needs to recognize the answers she has already received.  Last Sunday, she had been praying for some new way to learn more about the Scriptures and that was the day that we showed up.  It was an area where we NEVER work too.  Super cool  =)  The Lord just kinda took us there!!!
Another member also took two of his friends to church and we are working with them  =) 
Victor that went to church last week . . . We weren’t able to contact him  =/  His phone is always off or out of the area so we aren’t sure exactly what we are going to do just yet.
Our Zone finished this week with Six Baptisms which puts us with a need for 33 more to reach our goal.  Challenging?  #FASHODO  Possible?  #FASHODO!!!!  (Sorry if that doesn’t make sense.  Fa sho do means "for sure".  We can’t all be gangsters I guess). 
All in all it was a solid week!  Lots to improve!  Lots to learn!  I love it!!!!
Be good, be safe, thanks for always writing  =)  I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen

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